Photographer Pam Bolig, has long had a fascination with the observation of light and its entrancing interplay with the world around it.  As a professional architect for over 20 years with an eye and soul for design, the camera became a natural extension of Pam’s unique way of seeing and interpreting the elemental world, offering a perspective of artistry often unseen by the naked eye.   From her perspective, the lens captures the beauty that exists beyond a singular moment and expands it into a fresh experience in print.

Pam’s fine art  focuses in the world of macro photography, creating and transforming images of the natural world around her as well as everyday objects such as a wine bottles shot in her home studio.    Through harnessing the effects of direct natural light refracting through objects and challenging the camera’s abilities, she captures images straight from the camera that honor her intention to search within and share an unseen and expected world.

The dynamic yet meditative qualities of her abstract work invites the viewer to be present and to draw from it a sense of peace.


Pam Bolig Photography

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